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QCY T20 AilyPods Bluetooth.3 Wireless Earphones

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Easy to Hold Aimed at streamlining charging case size, we keep refining its design. Now the case is one third as large as human palm. It’s so small and round that you can hold in hand easily.
Comfortable Wear Semi in-ear with Short Stem With a 2.6cm short stem, the semi in-ear earbud is so light that you all but feel nothing when put on these earbuds.
Every Detail Matters Inspired by running track, the round case involves metal etching mesh, slave microphone, LED and tuning holes, which ensure strong performance.
Impressing You All the Way With titanium plating, the built-in 13mm LCP-composite-diaphragm driver improves highs resolution so that you can enjoy amazing pop and rock music.
13mm Driver Open Sound Stage, Balanced Audio Performance


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