Yase Simple Desktop Fan (Ys-2115)


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Instructions for use

1 Please fully charge this product before using it for the first time, or use a mobile power supply or computer to charge it. 2. The charging indicator light is red when charging, and the red light is off when the battery is fully charged.

3. Switch button Long press to turn on the light, press once to start the fan, the product is at the lowest speed and press again

Switch a gear, switch to the third gear and continue to press to turn off the fan, thus completing a cycle. 4. When the battery voltage is low, the fan will stop automatically, please charge it in time.



1. Children under the age of 10 must use this product under the guidance of an adult: please do not put your fingers into the fan to avoid cuts.

2. Do not place this product in extreme areas such as humidity, high temperature, high heat, and sun exposure. 3 The charging power supply and socket installation should comply with safety regulations.

3. Do not use the product while it is charging, and the maximum charging time should not exceed 6 hours (it is recommended to charge it during the daytime). If an abnormality occurs during the process, please stop using it immediately.



Long press to turn on the light , angle adjustment

• height adjustment

Product switch Three-speed speed regulation

• USB charging port

Product model Y$ 2115

Battery type lithium battery

Speed ​​mode: three-speed speed regulation

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